Empowering Digital Learning

Slate revolutionizes the way students interact with textbooks.


What is Slate?

Slate combines the most extraordinary of education and technology

to remodel learning. Slate provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and

outward-looking solution to the age-old problem of spinal burden

on students due to heavy books.

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What does Slate offer?

Slate Ink

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     Slate Ink


  • Create beautiful notes with our advanced yet easy to use note taking interface and backup notes with our cloud storage services.

  • Read books in our optimized reading mode, give ease to your eyes.

  • Have access to paper like book navigation features.

Our home grown notetaking interface is designed to make it simple and easy for you to take beautiful notes. Do not be limited to the sidelines of the book page anymore!

Slate Bites

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     Slate Bites


  • Access revisional video content from top educators from around the country.

  • Revise and strengthen concepts learnt in school with a tech twist.

  • Don’t worry about searching for tutorial videos, have curated and organised video content.

Access bite sized educational video content  from quality educators pan India. Revise what you learnt in school through quick and snappy video content created by the Slate team.

Slate Store

     Slate Store


  • Market for all your school text-book needs.

  • Access books without regional restrictions.

  • Get unbelievably cheap books, at the touch of a button.

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With our vast book marketplace, purchase textbooks in a few clicks and have lifelong access to them. No more coffee spill scares! 


Why Slate?


Children should walk with confidence, not bent by the burden of school books. Replace the heavy load of tens of school books with a light and compact Slate!



No one should have to pay hefty prices for something they gain knowledge from. Get unbelievably cheap books on the Slate bookstore.



Education is meant to advance our world, not destroy it. Help save trees, help save the world. Don’t be a catalyst in the deforestation of thousands of trees every year, adopt an eco-friendly alternative!

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Interactive Experiences

Long gone is the age where students should learn just by reading text on paper. With additional Slate curated multimedia and learning materials, blow life into your school books.


Digital India Initiative

The entire nation is evolving technologically, why keep education behind? Be a part of the technological revolution in India, adopt a more tech savvy alternative to age old textbooks!

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Access for All

Education should not be limited by regional borders.

Get access to books from all over the nation, don’t be discriminated against where you are located anymore!


Slate for all



Don't be limited to teaching regional content anymore, revolutionize the way you teach students. Invest in the physical health of your students and be among the first schools to change the way students study.



Get access to a marketplace with students shopping nation-wide.

No investment, no down payments, a free and level playing field for all. Moreover, Keep your data DRM protected, matching industry leading data security standards.



Have a lighter bag than yourself & get access to additional study content with your books at unbelievably cheap prices. Edit, take notes, have them synced to the cloud for a seamless experience.


Behind Slate




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